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The Exodus Controversy

For centuries, a historical and religious controversy has existed around certain events described in the pages of the Bible. One event in particular, the Exodus, holds tremendous significance for people of faith all over the world. Its message is that the people of Israel were delivered from slavery in Egypt under the leadership of Moses. However, because no archeological evidence has yet been found to support the event, most archaeologists have abandoned the search for Moses and the Exodus as “a fruitless pursuit”.

With the Jewish and Christian world population exceeding two billion, questions beg to be asked: Could mistakes have been made in the worlds of archaeology and Egyptology? Does actual evidence exist to support the stories found in the Bible? Could there be an academic bias (knowingly or unknowingly) that has resulted in the dismissal of one of the greatest stories ever told?

Filmmaker Timothy P. Mahoney asks: Should we believe everything we have been told? He then embarks on his own journey around the world to search for answers. Along the way, he discovers startling new findings that could challenge the traditions of history, science, culture and religion.

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